Finding a way out of Somalia’s Manmade Electoral Crisis

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#BreakingNews #Somalia’s Federal #Police Commander exposed that he arrested #Shabab #Terrorists but was forced to release by rhe Current of the Director of Somali #Intelligence & #Security Agency “NISA”. Fahad Yasin.

The Dhusamareb District Federal Police Commander resigns after this #press release exposing the truth that the top leaders within the Somali Federal Government are collaborating with the Shabab terrorists in many ways.

Tuesday April 21, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) – The U.S. has donated 350 hospital beds to Somalia to bolster the fight against COVID-19 as the number of cases in the country rise sharply.

The U.S. embassy in Mogadishu said Monday in a statement the U.S. government through its international aid agency USAID handed over 350 bed and 500 bedsheets to ‘support the Somali Government in preventing and controlling the spread of COVID-19.’

“The United States is proud to assist the Somali Government during this critical time,” said the U.S. Ambassador to Somalia Donald Y. Yamamoto. “Well equipped isolation centers where patients are well cared for and are safely and comfortably separated, will help limit the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country.”  According to the embassy, the beds and accessories will in the ICU units of De Martino hospital and in isolation centers in Mogadishu and be distributed to newly established isolation centers in the regions helping medical personnel to provide life-saving care to their patients.

Health Minister Fawziya Abikar lauded the donation noting it will be instrumental in supporting the country’s efforts in fighting COVID-19.

“This generous investment makes it possible to save lives, and better prepares us to control the infectious nature of COVID-19,” said Minister of Health Fawziya Abikar Nur. “To beat this outbreak, everyone needs to continue to peacefully follow health guidelines, observe social distancing, and maintain good hygiene practices.”

Somalia has since recorded 237 cases of COVID-19. A further 73 cases were confirmed Monday.

Tuesday April 21, 2020

Mogadishu (HOL) – Somalia government Tuesday came under heavy criticism from the European Union over arbitrary arrest of journalists and silencing of dissenting voices with the bloc’s ambassador warning the Horn of Africa nation was risking a freedom of information ‘pandemic’. The European Union ambassador to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga rebuked the Somali PM Hassan Khaire in a video conference call noting democracy cannot thrive through arrests and detention.

“EU message: “criticism is part of the democratic process. Limitation of Freedom of Expression cannot become another pandemic,” ambassador Berlanga said in a tweet. “If journalists neglect information, prison or detention is not an option.”

Ambassador Berlanga’s reprove of Somali government comes amid concerns of arrests and detention of journalists in the country. Goobjoog Media Group journalist Abdiaziz Gurbiye was last week arrested in Mogadishu and later released on bail as pressure on Somali authorities to let go the journalist mounted.

Prior to the arrest of Gurbiye, the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) early this month said it would take ‘legal action’ against VOA journalist Harun Maaruf over what it termed as ‘threat to national security.’ The agency did not substantiate its claims.

Somali government has been criticized before for arrest of journalists over reporting perceived to be critical of the government.

Thirty six cases out of 47 tests turned out positive for COVID19 in Somalia

Mogadishu  April 21, 2020 Friday in what translates to close 80% incidence rate raising further concerns on the fast spread of the disease in the Horn of Africa nation.

The Ministry of Health announced Friday evening the new cases in what is now becoming a consistent trend of over 20 cases in a day.
Out of 269 people tested for COVID19 since the entry of coronavirus into Somalia last month, 116 have returned positive results amounting to close to a half of the tested cases.

April has seen an uptick of the COVID19 cases in Somalia amid concerns many people still fail to heed health measures. Mosques in various parts of the country Friday remained opened with faithfuls congregating for prayers despite calls for social distancing.

There has been a push and pull between the government and some clerics who insist on conducting prayers against odds.

With a weak health system which has forced the government to treat COVID19 patients in their homes, Somalia is facing yet another challenge adding to an already fragile situation.